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DIY Simple decoupage on glass vase

This a really cool technique I have started to love: Decoupage.  This was my first try on this technique and  gave my hands on a glass vase. At first I was bit apprehensive for the results but turned out really well to my imagination. I purchased products from local craft and dollar stores. Here's the list of things you will need :
Glass vase
Decorative paper napkin of your choice
Mod podge or decoupage glue
White acrylic paint
And fine paint brush.Let's get started!  First removes stickers from the glass surface.  Now clean the surface with warm soapy water and rinse well. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
If any dirt or grease residue still persists rub paper towel dampen with alcohol. Now it's time for decorative napkin.  I used one I bought from dollar store. Simply remove the back ply and this can be done easily by rubbing moistened fingers on one side corner of the napkin( be careful not to rip off the napkin). Once the ply is removed slowly the decorative part becomes m…